pickled objects.

each bottle contains an object which has been preserved in vinegar. some of the objects have gone through changes over time.

sweet and playful, yet sometimes disgusting or strange, these notions are played with in a way which brings about feelings ranging from mild alarm and agitation to nostalgia and delight.

the variety of objects represent the diversity of thoughts and ideas we hold on to. the repetitive process and uniformity of the bottles describe the repetitive nature of habits. the preservation of seemingly insignificant objects and materials resembles the emotional baggage we carry with us. this uncanny and inescapable metaphor has led yet more parallel conclusions to be drawn.

we are constantly keeping hold of unnecessary habits, obsessions, fears and comforts. sometimes we don't know why, but often keep them anyway. the bottles of pickled objects signify how we keep hold of these things, good and bad, compliments and insults. yet in the end they end up just being part of a collection who's only purpose is to be a reminder.

the bottles are a representation of habit and collection, but also a personal view of my own world, fears, traumas and dreams, my own way of dealing with sadness and past. observing the objects also represents a process of understanding, a resolution and an opening up.

'of course i need this,' says my brain, and quietly and carefully preserves a thought i don't need. even though i have carefully preserved these things, they still change anyway. some have changed colour, some have disappeared, some appear to have developed growths. this work represents just that, i don't need it, but i'm keeping it anyway. after time it will change by itself.

this is a self indulgent, playful, abstract laboratory school science project style expression of obsessive materialism and personal fears.

this is everything i've been bottling up for two years.